Zamrud Lake in Siak Sri Indrapura Sub-District, Siak District

For those who are looking for a wondrous tourist spot near to Kerumutan and Riau, they must head to Siak District. It is the home of a grandiose lake called Zamrud. The fact is that it is the combination of two majestic lakes called Bawah and Pulau Besar. The name Zamrud was given due to the mesmerizing beauty of the lake, especially when it is seen from the air. For tourists, the site becomes a favorite place to relax, enjoy nature and riding a canoe. Some people even come to the site to do a pre-wedding photo session.

The Nuance
Zamrud means emerald, after all. It represents the color of the lake, which reflects the green color of nearby trees. Zamrud Lake has the size of about 28,000 hectares and it is surrounded by wildlife reserve having the size of 2,500 hectares. No wonder, tourists can find many types of exotic animals there. The most famous ones are Golden Arowana, local snakes, serindit birds, red bears, Sumatran tigers, etc. These animals, in fact, have been there for hundreds of years. For lucky tourists, they might have the chance to take pictures of the animals when exploring the lake.

Exploring Zamrud Lake
Due to the fact that the lake also features wildlife reserve, all visitors should get permission from the local authority in order to enter the site. It is also because a big company operates there, extracting oil from beneath the lake. No wonder, no one can explore the lake carelessly. Apart from the lake, the site also features wet peat, which also becomes an interesting photography object. When it comes to the wildlife forest, it features big trees having the height of approximately 150 meters!

The atmosphere is fresh and cold around Zamrud Lake. Thanks to the presence of the forest. The lake itself has the depth of 20 meters, especially during rainy season. Sometimes, numerous fishes are seen clearly in the water. Unfortunately, the keepers don’t allow people to swim in it. The reason is that they want to retain the purity and beauty of the lake as it is. Littering is definitely prohibited there. Hopefully, the lake and its surrounding would be a national park immediately.

For those who want to meet exotic animals, they must come either in the afternoon or at night. Some nocturnal creatures would come out like eagles and apes. At the time, tourists should have prepared their camera and take some pictures of the animals. One thing, some Sumatran tigers also live there. It is better to come with a local guide for the sake of safety. As an alternative, tourists can simply take pictures of the lakes instead of those animals.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Pekanbaru City and Siak Sri Indrapura District is 99 km. That means the trip may take about 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. The fact is it takes more time to reach the lake. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Buatan-Siak Street.

Where to Stay

  • Winaria Hotel
  • Antarbangsa Hotel

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