Indragiri’s Kings Tomb Complex in Indragiri Hulu District, Riau

A significant cultural heritage resides in Indragiri Hulu District, which is the complex of tombs of Indragiri’s Kings. As the name suggests, the site features several historical tombs and becomes a place for religious tourism. The locals often visit the complex either to pray or witness its majestic design. For tourists, the tombs become interesting objects to visit because of their historical value – the reminiscence of Indragiri Kingdom. The location is in Kota Lama Village and it belongs to West Rengat Sub-District. It is quite reachable from any location, including Pekanbaru and Pangkalan Kerinci City.

The Nuance
Once tourists reach the site, they can see a unique gate that comes with yellow and brown color combination. It features the written sign telling about the name of the tomb complex. Some guards are seen in the post nearby, too. Have no worries. They are friendly and may allow visitors to explore the location, as long as the gate opens. Inside, there is the tomb of King Indragiri, his followers, and families. The biggest one belongs to King Andi Sumpu, having the length of 12 meters! The other famous tombs belong to Sultan Usuluddin and his father, King Narasinga II.

Exploring Indragiri’s Kings Tomb Complex
The site often becomes a place for tourists to do pilgrimage tour. Not only it is visited by the locals, some people also come from other regions. However, it is rare to find foreigners in that area. Apart from religious tourism, people come to the location to learn about the history of the kings who are buried there. That means the site offers an interesting story to learn, as well. Tourists can get the information either from the guards, local guides, or even books!

The prime attractions in Indragiri’s Kings Tomb Complex are the tomb of King Narasinga II and his minister, Verdicho Marloce. Both of them reside side by side, in fact. It is impressive that the king and the minister were close to each other despite the religious difference. They worked together to took Malaka City from Portuguese’s hand back then. Their tombs even symbolize the harmony of such distinction. The king’s tomb has Malay ornaments that represent Islamic influence. On the other hand, Verdicho’s tomb represents the Christianity, featuring a cross on its headstone.

Some rules apply to those who are visiting the complex, though. The gate only opens during the workdays, even though it also opens during special occasions in the weekend. Make sure to talk to the guards first prior to entering the location. These people would give instructions and some prohibitions regarding the pilgrimage tour. For tourists, it is better to wear clean and neat attire when coming to the site. It is the way to show respect to that sacred complex.

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How to Get There
From Pekanbaru City, travelers can directly head to West Rengat Sub-District. The trip may take about 4 hours and the distance is 191 km. It can be faster when the traffic is low, though. As for the best route, they can take Lintas Timur Street. Once they reach West Rengat, they need to spend several more minutes to reach Kota Lama Village where the tomb complex is located.

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