Muara Kelantan Village in Bengkalis District, Riau

Getting closer to local’s daily routine is a new trend these days. Here is an idea. Travelers can visit a particular village in Bengkalis District called Muara Kelantan. It has been visited by some tourists even though it is not an official tourist spot. The majority of the visitors are aware of the history of the village, after all. It is said the site was the center of government during the reign of Siak Kingdom. Today, it has become one of the districts in Riau Province, Indonesia. Featuring such historical value, the village becomes a worthy vacation spot for everyone.

The Nuance
The majority of the villagers work as a farmer. This explains why many paddy farms are seen there. For tourists, Muara Kelantan Village offers a traditional nuance with its interesting local daily routines. During the harvest season, in fact, visitors are allowed to join local farmers harvesting the crops. This is a distinct experience so everyone should try it someday. On top of that, the villagers are quite friendly. Some of them even offer tasty local foods, which are similar to that of Malay culinary.

Exploring Muara Kelantan Village
The best time to visit Muara Kelantan is during the harvest month. Paddies and other types of crops have grown well so they are ready for harvest. The beautiful yellow color of the paddy farms would astonish any tourists. The first person to approach should be the owner of the farm, who will decide whether visitors are allowed to join the harvest session or not. The odd is better if tourists can talk the Indonesian Language so they can communicate well with him.

The next thing to do is to enjoy the local attraction called Zapin Dance. For tourists, they must review the schedule of the performance first prior to enjoying it. It is because the locals only conduct the dance during a particular time. The dance has some unique features like broken and swift movements, representing a dynamic life. It is only performed by girls and they wear yellow attire with a red veil accessory. When it comes to the pants, the dancers wear one that comes with the square pattern. People in Muara Kelantan usually perform it during a special event like the guest welcoming and thanksgiving.

What’s next? Muara Kelantan Village is also popular for its traditional snacks and culinary. Thus, tourists must never miss the chance to enjoy them. As for the references, they can get some Dodol Durian, Soah Noodle, Sago Noodle, and Phong Pia. All of them can be found on nearby local eateries or gift shops. They don’t even cost much so everyone can afford them easily. Bargaining is also possible!

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How to Get There
From Pangkalan Kerinci (Pelalawan District), travelers can take a bus and head directly to Bengkalis District. The distance is 250.2 km so the trip may take about 6 hours. The best route to use is Lintas Timur Street, actually. Once they get to Bengkalis, their next destination is Muara Kelantan Village, which takes about several minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Zuri Duri Hotel
  • Surya Hotel
  • Twin Hotel
  • Susuka Hotel

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