Tajwid Lake in Langgam Sub-District, Pelalawan

Riau Province has a hidden tourism gem called Pelalawan District. It consists of numerous beautiful sub-districts, including Kerumutan and Langgam. For those coming for Langgam, they must never miss the chance to visit Tajwid Lake – a potential local tourist spot. It has become an official tourist spot now and the local government takes a full responsibility to manage it. Not to mention they decided to promote the lake as both nature and cultural tourist spot due to the presence of beautiful nature and local tribe’s settlement. Thus, it would satisfy any people who visit the lake, including the foreigners and the locals.

The Nuance
When it comes to the nuance, Tajwid Lake is surrounded by dense trees. No wonder, the atmosphere is quite comfortable so visitors can relax and enjoy the nature to their heart’s content. The color of the water is green and it looks exotic. The thing is visitors are not recommended to swim in the lake. As an alternative, they can rent a duck boat and get around the water comfortably. Some people also like to sit under the tree and simply enjoy the beauty of the lake. Somehow, it is quite relaxing. On several spots of the lake, there are fish boxes or keramba which belong to the locals.

Exploring Tajwid Lake
The presence of Tajwid Lake has given lots of benefits to both the government and the locals. For instance, it provides lots of fishes to the villagers. Moreover, tourists are allowed to fish in that area. This explains why visitors won’t forget to carry a fishing rod when coming to the lake. They might see some local people who do the same thing with them, too. Fishing in such beautiful lake surrounded by lush nature is definitely satisfying. Not to mention tourists have the opportunity to make some new friends there.

With the help from the local government, several zones have been built there. These include the botanical, forestry, fishery, and educative zone. This way, visitors can explore the site and enjoy all of those attractions. The fact is the lake also has a small island which is located in the midst of it. The size is about 20 hectares and it can be reached easily using a duck boat. It becomes a great feature of the lake as well, in fact.

The next amazing feature in Tajwid Lake is the jogging track. Hopefully, it increases the number of visitors so everyone can enjoy sports in that area. The atmosphere of nature is quite supportive of doing such activity, after all. Near to the jogging track, there are several gazebos and some food vendors. Overall, it is a recommended tourist spot for any types of activities like fishing, riding a duck boat, relaxation, sports, and much more.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pangkalan Kerinci
  • Teluk Meranti Village

How to Get There
The prime destination is Langgam Sub-District and it takes about 1-2 hours from Pangkalan Kerinci, having the distance of 55.7 km. The best route to take is actually Pangkalan Kerinci-Taluk Kuantan Street.

Where to Stay
Nearby hotels are available in Pekanbaru City or Pelalawan District

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