Equator Monument in Pangkalan Lesung Sub-District, Pelalawan

A tourist spot called Equator Monument is famous among local tourists in Indonesia. Most of the travelers might think about the one that resides in Pontianak City. However, there is also one, which is located in Riau Province. To be exact, the location is in Tua Village, Pangkalan Lesung Sub-District. The Dutch found the equator line during the colonialism era in Sumatra Island. At the time, they decided to build an iron coil that surrounds the area and to mark such imaginary line. Later, they replaced it with a monument.

The Nuance
Not only Pangkalan Lesung Equator Monument is popular, but it also becomes a nice place to conduct a vacation. Plus, the location is quite strategic, which resides in the roadside of Lintas Timur Street in Tua Village. The shape is simple and the size is not quite big. On the top of the monument, a spherical globe resides and resembles the shape of the earth. There is even a resting place near to the monument, which features a house and a park. No wonder, it becomes a nice vacation destination, especially for those who visit Pangkalan Lesung.

Exploring Equator Monument
The best thing to do near to the Equator Monument is photography. That means tourists can take some pictures of the structure and take some selca photos in front of it. This explains why carrying a camera becomes a must when visiting the site. As for the tip, visitors must carry a hat and bottled water. It is because the temperature becomes quite hot at noon and no nearby facilities sell snacks or drinks. As an alternative, they can come to the location either in the morning or afternoon when the temperature is more comfortable.

After taking some pictures of the monument and explore the site, tourists can do other fun activities in Tua Village. For example, they can buy decent local honey. It is both healthy and original. Not to mention tourists are allowed to taste it before buying. The honey even tastes great when mixed with tea, milk, or other beverages. For those who can talk a bit Indonesian Language, they can even do a bargain and get a cheaper price!

Apart from visiting the Equator Monument and buying some local honey, tourists have another fun activity to do. It is to visit the nearby hot springs and take a bath there. The distance between the monument and the hot spring is about 7 km, so it is quite reachable. Taking a bath in the hot spring should be done as an ending of the vacation. The reason is that tourists must have been tired exploring Tua Village and they need a good relaxation in the end.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pangkalan Lesung Hotspring
  • Tesso Nilo National Park
  • Tiga Puluh National Park

How to Get There
There are many ways to reach Pangkalan Lesung Sub-District. From Pangkalan Kerinci, the distance is about 56 km. For those who come from Kerumutan, though, may spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the equator monument. The distance is 42.1 km.

Where to Stay

  • Lily Inn
  • Sardella Hotel

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