Tanjung Putus Lake in Buluhcina Village, Kampar District

A famous forest in Kerumutan Sub-District is considered insufficient to satisfy passionate travelers. In this case, the next adventure should be done in a serene lake located in Kampar District. The name is Tanjung Putus Lake and it resides in Buluhcina Village. Providing a peaceful and beautiful panorama, the lake becomes a good spot for relaxation. Some visitors also take advantage of the environment to enjoy photography. They also come to the site carrying a fishing rod so they can enjoy a peaceful fishing with friends or families. Many types of local fishes live there after all.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the nuance in Tanjung Putus Lake is definitely serene. Even the environment is flawless with its lush nature and calm water. Many big trees and shrubs surround the lake, creating a comfortable ambiance. In the afternoon, the sun reflects well on the surface of the lake water. That wonderful sight calms everyone. Moreover, it feels better when people enjoy fishing there. There is no disturbance in the site so it is perfect for lessening. Not to mention the lake resides near to a community-based forest!

Exploring Tanjung Putus Lake
The best thing to do in Tanjung Putus Lake is photography. All spots of the site are suitable to take pictures, in fact. However, tourists must choose the right time to visit the lake. It is either in the morning or afternoon. At those times, the atmosphere is more comfortable and the sun appears beautiful, reflected on the water. Thanks to the unspoiled lake. The clean environment and flawless water would help tourists to take good pictures. It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera because they can simply use their smartphone to take pictures there. The results won’t be disappointing.

The water feels fresh, especially in the morning. Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended there. It is because the lake is quite deep and the locals prohibit such activity. Despite the fact, many other activities can be done such as fishing and photography! The fishes are abundant so tourists must take advantage of it. One thing, they must prepare the fishing rod and other required equipment. It is because of no facilities, in which they rent a fishing rod, are available nearby.

Another attraction provided by Tanjung Putus Lake is the community-based forest (Hutan Adat). No wonder, visitors are likely to explore it and conduct an adventure. During the exploration, they might see numerous insects, butterflies, and crows! The size of the forest is about 1000 hectares, so it is better to explore it with a tour guide. Later, they can drop by in a famous monument called Kalpataru before going back home. This is indeed a fun adventure!

Nearby Attractions

  • Kalpataru Monument
  • Community-Based Forest
  • Buluh Cina Village
  • Kampar River

How to Get There
For those coming from Kerumutan Sub-District, they need to spend 4 hours and 30 minutes as the distance is 182 km. It can be done through Lintas Timur Street. The trip is shorter if they come from Pangkalan Kerinci City, though. It only takes 15 minutes.

Where to Stay
Good hotels are available in Pekanbaru City

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