Napangga Lake in Tanah Putih Sub-District, Rokan Hilir

One of the most famous districts in Riau Province, Rokan Hilir, becomes a recommended vacation destination especially for those who love nature tourism. What can tourists enjoy there? As for the reference, there is Napangga Laka in Tanah Putih. To be exact, this serene lake is located in Tanjung Village. It is recognized for its unspoiled nature beauty and calm water. Some locals visit it to enjoy swimming and relaxation, actually. The fact is outsiders also often come to the location to enjoy its beauty and learn the local legend related to the site.

The Nuance
The size of Napangga Lake is about 500 hectares and it features astonishing scenery and peaceful atmosphere. The water looks calm, on which visitors can swim in it. Near to the lake, some structures reside which can be used for relaxation and sightseeing. When it comes to the best feature of the lake, it is definitely the presence of some Arowana. These valuable fishes live in the lake and have attracted tourists who want to witness them. One thing, no one is allowed to catch or bring them home. It is because the locals consider them as a sacred fish, which is the reincarnation of a king and his followers.

Exploring Napangga Lake
The most common activity to do in Napangga Lake is sightseeing and relaxation. Visitors can simply sit on the nearby gazebo and watch the lake peacefully. Somehow, the nuance helps them eradicate stresses accumulated from daily routine activities. Apart from sightseeing, they can use their camera and take some pictures of the environment there. The flawless scenery of the lake and its surrounding are indeed worth photo shoots. If necessary, they should bring a canvas and start drawing.

According to the history, Napangga Lake became a stopover place of royal families. No wonder, the locals respect the site much and take a good care of it. For tourists, the lake gives more than beautiful scenery but also the chance for swimming. The water is fresh and calm, after all. That means swimming is quite recommended, especially for adults. One thing, they are not allowed to litter or spoil the environment when exploring the lake. As mentioned before, the lake is considered sacred so everyone should respect it. As alternatives, visitors can enjoy canoeing, parasailing, and diving.

Another charm of Napangga Lake is the local people who live near to the site. Actually, they are Bonay Tribe who has an interesting culture. Tourists can approach these people and learn a bit about their culture, as well. These include Buong Kwayang Dance, Cegak Dance, Tahan Kuli Performance, etc. Not to mention their foods are great, especially Anyang Kalu.

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How to Get There
The first destination is Tanah Putih Sub-District in Rokan Hilir. Tourists can get to the location from Pekanbaru City and it takes about 4 hours. The distance between those locations is 166 km, after all. Once they get to Tanah Putih, the next destination is Tanjung Village where the lake resides.

Where to Stay

  • Duri Hotel
  • Bit Hotel
  • RPS Hotel

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