Tasik Nambus in Tanjung Village, Meranti District

Coming to Meranti District is indeed worthy because of the presence of various types of vacation destinations. One of time is located in Tanjung Village and the name is Tasik Nambus. It is an asset of the reagion, in fact. Apart from being a nature tourist spot, the locals also take advantage of the site for holding an event called Safar Bathing. That means outsiders have an opportunity to join witness the tradition and learn a bit about it. If not, they can simply relax on the site and enjoy the unique charm of the site.

The Nuance
Tasik Nambus is actually a lush area which is located near to a forest. It has several features, especially the lakes and wild lilies. The nuance of the site is quite peaceful, making it a good location for relaxation and sightseeing. When it comes to the lake, the water is fresh and clean. Not to mention it shows a calm appearance, as well. Many big trees surround the area, creating a comfortable atmosphere there. Some locals are also often seen in the location, either enjoying the nature or conducting a tradition.

Exploring Tasik Nambus
Tasik Nambus is, basically, a lake and it accommodates visitors who want to get in and swim in the water. Surrounded by lush and unspoiled nature, the lake becomes a special place to enjoy swimming, even for kids. Many types of trees grow in the location, including Mentangor, Meranti, Geronggang, and much more. All of them provide a calm and shady atmosphere, which satisfy those who spend good times there. Apart from those trees, visitors can also witness a formation of wild lilies, which are scattered all over the lake.

The next fun activity to do in Tasik Nambus is to ride a canoe and get around the lake comfortably. The calm water makes this activity safe and fun, for sure. It doesn’t even cost money to ride on the boat. It is safe to say the canoe becomes the most interesting facility which is available in the location. No wonder, visitors are willing to queue in order to use the canoe when there are many visitors coming to the site. It would be great if the local government provides more canoes to the lake so it might attract more tourists to come to the region.

What’s next? Visitors should never forget to gather information from the locals regarding the lake. A caretaker is even seen nearby and he might tell a myth to tourists about the presence of a mystical creature that protects the area. It is said some dolphins live beneath the lake, but no one has ever encountered them even once. With those rumors, people would be more interested in visiting the location.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pekanbaru City, travelers can reach Meranti District by bus. Once they get there, their next destination is Tanjung Village. It is located in West Tebing Tinggi Sub-District, actually. The whole trip might take approximately 5 hours, so it is going to be a long trip for tourists.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Meranti Hotel
  • Lily Hotel
  • Red 9 Hotel

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