Rantau Bais Village in Tanah Putih Sub-District, Rokan Hilir

It is true that nature tourism is the most attractive thing to do during a vacation. Still, some people are likely to look for distinct experiences like culture tour. What they need is a new place that they never visited before. In this case, Rantau Bais Village can be an option. It offers pure and traditional culture, so tourists have the chance to get closer to the villagers and learn a bit about their way of living. The location is in Tanah Putih Sub-District and it belongs to Rokan Hilir.

The Nuance
Once tourists enter the village, they can see its traditional people who haven’t been influenced by modern culture. Their house looks beautiful despite the humble appearances. These structures apply traditional Malay architecture, emitting a rustic and old aura. Across the village, there is a beautiful island called Tilan. It only requires a boat to reach the island by passing through Rokan River. When it comes to nature, the village features several big trees and plain landscape. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with advanced facilities.

Exploring Rantau Bais Village
The main purpose in visiting the village is learning the culture. Some local kids are often seen on the field playing football. Some of them may ask tourists to join them, in fact. As for the cultural activity, villagers would conduct a traditional ceremony called Bakar Tongkang. It is an annual event when the locals create a replica of Tongkang boat and burn it in a specific location. This kind of tradition is even done in other regions in Riau Province. The locals believe it may bring luck and safety of them. No wonder, they perform it once in a year.

The next charm of Rantau Bais Village is the presence of traditional Malay houses. The color of those houses is predominantly yellow and they don’t feature modern furniture at all. In fact, they weren’t built using sturdy materials. No wonder, the house might totter when a strong wind blows. Despite the condition, these houses are worth a photo shoot due to their architecture and uniqueness. Tourists are allowed to get in the house as long as the owner of the house allows them to do so.

Those who can speak the Indonesian Language have the chance to gather information from the villagers regarding the history of the settlement. It is said the name Rantau Bais derived from a name of a kind of tree, having the shape similar to areca trees. According to the locals, there are about 400 households living there. Most of them work as a farmer and fisherman. This explains why they are often seen in the riverside of Rokan River and prepare the equipment for fishing.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pekanbaru City, travelers need to spend about 4 hours to get to Rentau Bais, Rokan Hilir. Once they reach Pekanbaru-Medan intersection, they can directly head to the village, which takes about 10 km from the location. A route to the village is not quite wide so visitors should not be speeding.

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  • Duri Hotel
  • Bit Hotel
  • RPS Hotel

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