Paramita Vihara in Indragiri Hilir District, Riau

Not many travelers know about the presence of a vihara in Indragiri Hulu District. There is one called Paramita Vihara in Rengat City and it has become an alternative tourist spot for those who visit the region. Apart from being a place for worshipping among the Chinese or so-called Tionghoa who live in Rengat, the structure has been visited by tourists due to its unique structure. It is also crowded during big events like Imlek (Chinese’s New Year). Some visitors are also impressed by its architecture that they often come to the vihara to do photography.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Paramita Vihara is not quite big. Still, it features spacious rooms inside, on which visitors can pray. When it comes to the design, the building indeed applies Chinese architecture. It has unique roofs and gates, as well. Its fences are engraved with some ornaments like animals and religious objects. The walls of the building have the color of dark yellow, emitting both cheerful and calm atmosphere. The fact is that the Vihara is located on the roadside so tourists won’t have a problem in finding it.

Exploring Paramita Vihara
The most common thing to do in Paramita Vihara is to pray, especially among the Chinese. Still, tourists are allowed to get in the building without having the purpose of praying. That means they can simply explore the vihara and take some pictures of the structure. As long as they take a good care of the environment and show respect to the site, they are free to get around the building. If necessary, they should hire a local guide when entering the vihara as he may tell them the basic rules there.

Even though outsiders are rarely seen in Paramita Vihara, some of them might come during Imlek every year. It is because the locals conduct numerous fun activities related to such event. For example, they might create lanterns and install them in different spots of Rengat City. These beautiful ornaments look great especially at night, creating both romantic and solemn atmosphere. Tourists who come to the vihara even have a chance to join the production of those lanterns. What they need is a good communication skill, so they can gain trust from the locals.

The best time to visit the Vihara is, without a doubt, during the Chinese’s New Year. Apart from enjoying the beautiful lanterns, tourists can witness other attractions especially Barongsai or Lioness Dance. The dancers move swiftly like a kungfu master and display an amazing performance! Moreover, the vihara may display several arts and entertainment for a day. This series of attraction would amaze everyone, for sure. Another interesting show is the firework, which is done both in the vihara and Indragiri riverside.

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How to Get There
Paramita Vihara is located in Rengat City. From Pekanbaru, it takes about a few hours as the distance is 199.5 km. Once they reach Rengat, their last destination is Syahrir Street where the vihara resides.

Where to Stay

  • Rafana Hotel
  • Danau Raja Hotel

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