Rengat Grand Mosque in Rengat City, Indragiri Hulu

The locals name it “Masjid Raya Rengat”, but the travelers often call it Rengat Grand Mosque. As the name suggests, such stunning mosque is located in Rengat City and it belongs to Indragiri Hulu District. It is true the prime function of the structure is to accommodate local Muslims for worshipping. However, tourists often visit the building to take some pictures of it and explore the site. It is because they are astonished by its structure and aura. Not to mention the mosque has been there for decades and has an interesting history that tourists can learn.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Rengat Grand Mosque has a regular width and height. The shape, though, it is quite unique. It represents the shape of a pyramid with several layers. The site is protected by fences and there is a signboard displaying the name and address of the mosque in front of it. Besides the structure, there are two towers, which are used to broadcast azan. In the back, several tall trees as seen and they provide a comfortable atmosphere to the site.

Exploring Rengat Grand Mosque
The first charm of the mosque is definitely its history. It was King Ibrahim (leader of Rengat Kingdom), the one who decided to build a “Surau” or a place for worshipping in 1786. Later, King Kecik Besar enlarged the structure and turned it into a mosque. It was done in 1787 and the structure had undergone several renovations since then. During the reign of King Indragiri the 14th, the woods materials of the mosque were replaced with stones. No wonder, it became more durable and majestic. The last renovation was done in 1970 by the regent (Masnoer), which got improvement in its aesthetic aspect.

For tourists, Rengat Grand Mosque becomes a good alternative of tourist spot in Rengat City. It offers a majestic design and peaceful nuance. Excluding the worship schedules, visitors can enter the yard and take a rest there. For Muslims, they can enter the mosque freely and use it for worshipping. Inside, almost all parts of the mosque have altered as compared to their original version. Only the preacher’s podium had its original shape and design. Despite the age, it remains in a good condition!

Rengat Grand Mosque has 7 doors that visitors can enter from different directions. One thing, it is not an official tourist spot so the keepers would limit the number of tourists who would enter the mosque. The good thing is Muslims can use it for praying and rest a while before continuing their adventure in Rengat City. Some locals, in fact, are seen sleeping inside the mosque.

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How to Get There
The mosque resides in Hang Lekir Street in Rengat City. From Pekanbaru, travelers should head first to Indragiri Hulu District. This may take about 5 hours and the distance is approximately 238 km. For the best route, they can use Lintas Timur Street until reaching Rengat.

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