Teluk Meranti Sub-District in Pelalawan District, Riau

Teluk Meranti is a Sub-District which belongs to Pelalawan District, Riau. It is also a popular tourist destination, offering unique nature attractions. Most of its citizens work as a farmer or fisherman. That means they have either a farm or boat to work with. No wonder, Teluk Meranti has an excellent quality in terms of farming industry. Apart from that, it is also popular for its tourism! Many tourists are interested in a special phenomenon that happens in Kampar River – Bono Wave. Moreover, the region is famous for its local culinary as well.

The Nuance
The most noticeable feature in Teluk Meranti Sub-District is its lowland peat. The size is considered vast indeed. A famous river splits the region as well and the name is Kampar River. It flows to Malaka Strait, actually. The river also becomes tourists’ favorite spot for an adventure using a boat. It is surrounded by lush tropical forest on both sides, after all. Sometimes, visitors might meet the indigenous people of Meranti (Melayu Tribe) and learn their culture. The thing is tourists must come with a tour guide so they can communicate well with those people.

Exploring Teluk Meranti Sub-District
Many fun activities can be done in Teluk Meranti Sub-District. The most popular one is definitely to visit Kampar River. Tourists can rent a boat along with other passengers and explore the river wholeheartedly. During the trip, they may see beautiful forest local animals. Moreover, they can see directly the famous nature phenomenon called Bono Waves. Some locals are seen there for surfing and enjoying those waves. The fact is such phenomenon has been recognized by the world, as well. Only two are available on this planet, including Bono and that one in Brazil’s Amazon River.

The next popular tourist spot in Teluk Meranti Sub-District is Ogis Beach. The site is suitable to enjoy water sports and family recreation, in fact. Visitors would be satisfied with its facilities like Jet Ski, banana boats, wake boats, and much more. Even donut boats are available there. On top of that, the rent fee is quite cheap. The beach is a perfect alternative in case Bono Waves don’t occur when tourists come to Meranti. It is because such phenomenon doesn’t happen anytime.

Another charm of Teluk Meranti Sub-District is its local culinary. The most famous one is called Sempolet. In a nutshell, it is similar to a cream soup. The primary ingredients of this exotic dish are sago, anchovies, pakis, katu, and local herbs. Some locals even put more pepper to bring its spiciness up. The broth has a dense texture and it tastes great! Tourists can enjoy it in any local eateries with an affordable price, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ogis Beach
  • Bono Wave Phenomenon
  • Kampar River

How to Get There
Travelers can take either land or water route to reach Teluk Meranti Sub-District. The cheapest one is definitely the land route. From Pangkalan Kerinci, tourists only need to ride a minibus and head directly to Rengat City. It costs several hours but it would be a fun trip, for sure.

Where to Stay

  • Mega Lestari Hotel
  • Ogis Beach Resort
  • Grand Meranti Hotel

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