Mokoh River Swamp Forest in Pelalawan District, Riau

An exploration in a swamp forest becomes a new experience for any travelers. As for the reference, there is a nice place to do such activity and the location is in Pelalawan District Riau. The name is Mokoh River Swamp Forest. As the name implies, this formation of swamp forest which resides near to Mokoh River. That means tourists can enjoy riding a boat and explore the river while witnessing such beautiful forest. This site suits everyone with an adventure spirit or those who love fishing. It is because the river is rich in fishes and shrimps.

The Nuance
Mokoh River has similar characteristics to other rivers in Riau. The waves are a bit stronger than regular rivers and the water has the color of brown or also black. During the holiday, several speedboats are seen carrying passengers (tourists). These people come to the river to explore nearby swamp forest, after all. The nuance of the forest is a bit damp, though. Some species of trees and plants grow there, as well. As for the tips, visitors must consider visiting the river during summer or anytime when the weather is nice (as long as it is not rainy).

Exploring Mokoh River Swamp Forest
Apart from being a wonderful tourist spot for the locals, Mokoh River Swamp (Tidal) Forest is also popular among outsiders. The main charm of the site is its flawless nature, featuring fresh air and lush flora. No wonder, sightseeing becomes the prime activity to do there. Tourists can rent either a sampan or speedboat to witness the forest from it. The rent fee is a bit expensive if they use the boat for a private purpose, though. In this case, they can save some money if they share the boat with other passengers.

The next activity to do is to enjoy fishing while riding the boat. In this case, they need to let the boat off in a specific location and start fishing. Many local fishes and shrimps live in the river so it is easy to catch some. As for the tip, it is better to have prepared the fishing rod and the baits beforehand. This helps them avoid hassles later. Also, they must carry some money which they might use to rent the boat or buy some snacks.

After enjoying good times in Mokoh River Swamp Forest, many other fun activities can be done there. For instance, tourists must never miss the chance to enjoy delicious culinary like Umbut Rotan Curry. Today, in fact, it has become the signature dish of Pelalawan District. That means all tourists would regret not to try some. Not only it is available in Pelalawan, the food is also available in other regions that belong to Riau Province.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Mokoh River Swamp Forest is located in Teluk Meranti Village. From Pangkalan Kerinci, the distance is 15 km. That means it takes only several minutes to reach the location. As for the transportation service, travelers can take either a bus or taxi.

Where to Stay

  • Mega Lestari Hotel
  • Ogis Beach Resort
  • Grand Meranti Hotel

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