Monti Lake in Betung Village, Pangkalan Kuras Sub-District

A lake indeed is one of the best nature tourist spots that everyone can explore. Still, some of them offer more than natural beauty. For example, there is one called Monti Lake, which is located in Betung Village and belongs to Pelalawan District. One thing that makes it different is the presence of several cultural buildings with their majestic features, representing the Melayu Petalangan culture. That means visitors can both enjoy the beauty of the lake and take some pictures of those structures. No wonder, some tourists come to the site for learning the culture as well.

The Nuance
The water looks calm and comfortable, but it is not recommended to plunge in it. Instead of swimming or playing water, visitors can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there. Several trees grow abundantly around the lake, providing a breezy nuance to the location. The best feature is definitely the complex of cultural buildings called Bujang Tan Domong. The biggest one resides on the lake and the name is Putih Gunjung Laut hall. It has the roof color of red and the wall color of blue – a beautiful and unique color combination.

Exploring Monti Lake
Fortunately, there is no fee to enter the lake and explore the cultural complex. Everyone can take a good time there, as long as they obey the prime rule which is not to litter. Once they arrive at the lake, they can see a neat and comfy nuance of Monti Lake. Thanks to the great management. Even the cultural structures are well-maintained. With such atmosphere, the lake often becomes a site to relax or lessening. Watching the calm water and feel the refreshing air on the site are indeed rejuvenating.

Apart from relaxation, people come to Monti Lake for learning the culture of Melayu Petalangan. In this case, a local tour guide would be quite handy as he can tell information and history of the lake. That means tourists should spend some money to pay for the service. Have no worries. It is quite rewarding. It is better than wandering around the lake without any clues. Also, taking pictures is allowed in the location. This explains why everyone should never forget to carry their camera or smartphone. When it comes to the best object, it is definitely the hall of Putih Gunjung Laut.

As for another activity, visitors can enjoy a special annual event done by the locals in Monti Lake. It is called Open Pacu Sampan Tradisional (Traditional Canoe Race). For lucky tourists, they can even join the competition and feels its festive atmosphere. It is an annual festival, though, so visitors should learn about the schedule first. Otherwise, they have no chance to witness or even join it.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tuk Monti Museum
  • Betung Culture Center
  • Betung Village

How to Get There
Monti Lake is located in Betung Village, Pangkalan Kuras. From Pangkalan Kerinci (the capital of Pelalawan), the distance is about 56 km. That means the trip would take about 1 hour or less. Not to mention many local transportation services are available, so it is going to be easy to reach the location.

Where to Stay

  • Sardella Hotel
  • Lily Inn

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