Belah Bertangkup Stone in Bantayan Village, Indragiri Hilir

A legendary stone resides in Indragiri Hilir District, Riau. The name is Belah Batu Bertangkup and it becomes a superb object of photography and sightseeing among passionate travelers these days. To be exact, the location is in Bantayan Village and it has been recognized by the locals and outsiders. Even people in Malaysia (the neighboring country of Indonesia) are also interested in it, either due to the unique shape or the legend. Tourists can do many things there including photography, to learn the legend, and climbing the stone.

The Nuance
The size of Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup is big. As the name suggests, it split right in the middle, looking like a giant clam. The rock resides on the sea water near to the shoreline. Have no worries. Tourists are able to reach it easily, especially during the low tide. The sea scenery even makes the site more interesting and comfortable. Apart from witnessing that legendary rock, they can also enjoy the nuance of the beach and nearby nature attractions like hills and sandy coast. The pristine sea water feels so warm, as well.

Exploring Belah Bertangkup Stone
The first thing to do when coming to Belah Bertangkup Stone is learning its story. Well, many versions are available to learn in fact. According to Rokan history, it is said the stone was once a living creature (clam). The Portuguese, later, put lots of calcium into the mouth of the clam. Before dying, the clam went mad and ate anything that went near to its mouth. It is also said there was a lady who got disappointed with her son and decided to kill herself by letting her boy to get eaten by the clam.

Next, visitors are likely to get near to the stone and climb on it. They want to see the shape of that rock closely, after all. Another idea is to take pictures of the stone. It is even possible to pose in the middle part of the stone (as if being eaten by it). This is the most popular pose that almost all tourists would try when visiting the site. For those who are brave enough, they can climb and take a picture on it. One thing, the stone could be slippery sometimes, especially during the rainy season.

What’s more? Tourists have the chance to explore the beach located near to the stone. For those who love water sports, they can enjoy swimming as well. The fact is that the environment is suitable for relaxation, too. That means tourists don’t even need to do anything there. Enjoying the breezy wind and warm weather of the beach are more than satisfying. Not to mention they can witness a legendary rock which is located nearby.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pekanbaru City, travelers can ride a bus and head to Mandah Sub-District in Indragiri Hilir. Once they get there, the next destination is Bantayan Village where the stone resides. The whole trip takes about 4 hours, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Nuria Inn
  • Buana Homestay
  • Kartika Indra Hotel

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