The Tomb of Mahmud Syah I in Bunut Sub-District, Kampar

Religious tourism remains popular among tourists in recent years, especially in Indonesia. It is because the country holds lots of historical and sacred sites to visit. One of them is located in Kampar District, which is the tomb of Mahmud Syah I. He was the last king of Malaka and was involved in the war against Portuguese since 1509. In the later years, he came to Kampar and became a king of Pekantua Kingdom at the time. He died in 1528 and was buried in Tolam Village, Bunut. Today, the locals and tourists often visit the site to do pilgrimage. They also want to learn a bit about the history of Mahmud Syah I.

The Nuance
The condition or environment around the tomb is quite nice and clean. It is because the keepers put good efforts to manage the site. The route to reach the location is quite good as well. Tourists can even reach the site either using land or water route. There is a pier near to the tomb, after all. That means visitors can ride a speedboat or local boat to get there. Once they reach the site, they can see more than just the tomb of the king but numerous historical items like ancient cannon and others.

Exploring the Tomb of Mahmud Syah I
The prime reason to visit the tomb of Mahmud Syah I is indeed to do a pilgrimage tour. It is said visitors would be blessed with luck and good things in life after visiting the tomb. Another significant reason to visit the tomb is to learn a history of the king. He once ruled the Melaka Kingdom and was considered the first king of Johor. Some travelers want to see the tomb of such famous ruler directly, as well.

Even though taking pictures is allowed in the location, it is rare to see tourists using their camera there. Perhaps they have realized the sacredness of the tomb, so they want to give a better respect for it. For those with small experience, it is better to come with a local guide or ask information regarding the location first. The fact is the trip to the tomb is a bit challenging and troublesome. Without any information, tourists might get lost when wandering alone.

There are no exact rules of what to do in the tomb of Mahmud Syah I. Still, courtesy and cleanliness become primary considerations. That means all visitors should pay attention to what they wear when entering the site. Not to mention they should not eat and litter there. Another consideration is related to the procedure of praying. In this case, they can simply see how the locals do it.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Pekanbaru City, they can take a bus to Kampar District. To be exact, their destination is Tolam Village, Bunut Sub-District. The trip takes about 2-3 hours and the distance is 109 km. The best route to use is definitely Lintas Timur Street. It is going to be a comfortable trip, for sure.

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  • Sardella Hotel

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