Raja Lake in Rengat City, Indragiri Hulu District, Riau

Inhu or Indragiri Hulu District is part of Riau Province. There is one beautiful lake that resides in one of its cities, which is called Raja Lake. Raja means king, actually. The name was given to the lake due to its important role during the reign of Indragiri Kingdom. According to the history, the lake was used by the royal family for bathing back then. Recognized as a potential tourist destination, the lake has been promoted by the local government as an official vacation destination in Inhu. Most of the visitors are families with kids or those who want to enjoy a peaceful nuance of the lake.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Raja Lake emits a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. No wonder, people take advantage of it for lessening. The lake has the shape which is similar to a cauldron and some locals believe the water is infinite and won’t recede for centuries. Well, it is only a speculation as no scientific proofs are available related to such statement. When it comes to facilities, the lake provides some swan boats which tourists can use to get around the site. Another feature is a hotel called Danau Raja that resides in front of the lake.

Exploring Raja Lake
The most common reason to visit Raja Lake is to enjoy a family recreation. Thanks to the presence of lush trees on the sides of the lake. Visitors would feel comfortable when spending time in the location. Even the air feels soothing. Apart from relaxation, the lake often becomes a spot for exercising. The fact is there is a sports center near to it. Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended there. Even the locals don’t know the exact depth of the lake. One thing that they can be sure of is its size, which is about 2.5 hectares.

Even though swimming is a rare activity to see in Raja Lake, some locals dare to do so. They believe it safe and fun to swim in it, in fact. Another reason is that the lake was once used by the families of the king for bathing. This creates a belief that swimming in the lake could bring luck and blessing to people. Despite the fact, it is likely tourists are not interested in getting in the water. Instead, they might rent a swan boat and explore the lake safely.

Another fun activity to do in Raja Lake is fishing. For tourists, it is recommended to carry a fishing rod when visiting the lake. Almost all spots are suitable for fishing and it gives the chance to make some new friends who have the same hobby there. The locals even say there is an annual event called Pacu Sampan or canoe race!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Raja Lake is located in Rengat City (the capital of Indragiri Hulu). From Pekanbaru City, it takes about 5 hours to get there, having the distance of 238 km. Travelers only need to take a local transportation like bus or taxi through Lintas Timur Street.  

Where to Stay
Danau Raja Hotel

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